Ceramic & Clay


Woman stoned to death

Women across various parts of the world need to face the established patriarchy in the society making their existence merely nothing. This sculpture depicts the status of woman in Iran and elsewhere who are sentenced to death by stoning which is a clear inclifiction of human civil rights. This is devoted to Mohammadi Ashtiani, sentenced in 2006, who is serving a 10-year sentence in the murder of her husband in a lovers’ spat. Adultery, Drug, Robbery are many such crimes which are punished through stoning in countries like Iran. The United Nations has requested countries to not resort this to this form of punishment any longer.

Flamenco Dancers

These are two dancers expressing their intense love through the classic form of Flamenco from Southern Spain. When two people are in love, it is dance that can bring two bodies and make them into one soul. The body strikes a cord with every rythm and makes you enter into a world where two people matter to only themselves. The artist here is trying to depict the expression of ‘love going wild through an expression of dance, rythm and soul’.

The Traditional Rhyton

This sculpture stands to depict the old tradition of drinking fluids during ceremonies such as libation at ancient Eurasia especially from Persia to the Balkans. It is a roughly conical container typically formed in the shape of an animal’s head. The conical rhyton form has been known in the Aegean region since the Bronze Age, or the 2nd millennium BC. According to classical Athenian culture, the horn-shaped rhyta are carefully woven in composition with the erect male organs of the satyrs, but this blatantly sexual and somewhat humorous theme appears to be a late development, consistent with Athenian humor, as is expressed in the plays of Aristophanes.

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